Rollcutter Type-5

Produce 5 times faster by using cutting knifes in two planes.

Enables the complete roller blind production process to be performed.


Automated cutting in two planes

Type-5 Rollcutter is the first Draco table which offers fully automated cutting in two axis: X and Y. No need to turn the fabric any more. Thanks to the use of 5 cutting knifes (4 cutting lengthwise and 1 cutting across) Type-5 will do all the work for you, up to five times faster than cutting tables with one cutting axis. The fabric is automatically tensioned, rolled out, cut and put back according to the given order.

Immediate precision

Thanks to the use of 4 longitudinal cutting knifes it is possible to cut three roller blinds at a time with outstanding precision. Two extreme knifes automatically plan the fabric, saving your time and producing perfectly straight roller blinds.

Intuitive controls

The complete cutting process is performed automatically. Once the fabric has been placed on the cutting table all you need to do is to type in or send the dimensions and press the start button. The intuitive interface enables the knife type and its cutting speed to be adjusted to the type and quality of the fabric – you can do all that without getting up from your desk.

SmartStart Function ensures that when starting the knife will not tug even the most delicate fabrics, it will also terminate the starting procedure if an undesirable object is detected between the clamp and the table. Moreover, the Rollcutter knows when it is supposed to stop cutting. Thanks to the built-in fabric sensor the knife will go back immediately once the cutting has been completed, saving both time and energy.

Intelligent production planning

Rollcutter Type-5 allows for immediate and optimum production planning. The CutLogic software analyses the fabric dimensions entered into the system and optimises the cutting sequence in order to minimise waste. The automated cutting process starts as soon as the updated production plan is sent to the Rollcutter.

Safety at work

Rollcutter Type-5 has been fitted with additional safety systems so that you can concentrate just on your work. Both the clamp and the automatic ruler have been equipped with sensors that detect unwanted objects. If only such an object is detected between the cutting table and the pneumatic clamp, or on the movement line of the ruler, the Rollcutter will stop working immediately. Additionally the equipment is equipped with hand and foot operated safety switches.

Check Type-5 in action

Additional benefits

Always straight blinds

The Rollcuter has an aluminium construction that allows for precise adjustment of the right angle (diagonal adjustment), clamp adjustment and table levelling, making roller blinds always straight and equal.

Always safe to work with

Each Rollcuter model is built with usage safety in mind. The machines are equipped in sensors that detect objects under the open clamp, emergency safety switches as well as anti-collision systems for the clamp.

Free training

The Rollcutter stands not only for a roller blind producing machine, but also for a comprehensive knowledge on the complete production process. We will train both you and your employees free of charge in order to use the production potential in an optimal way and minimize the time needed to implement changes.

Immediate support

Should you require assistance we will support you as soon as you contact our consultant.

Why Type-5?

By choosing Rollcuter Type-5 you are getting the most advanced and most efficient Draco machine. Production with the use of this model takes place with minimum amount of human labour and with maximum support of the production cycle.

Type-5 characteristics:

  • Automated cutting process in two axis
  • Intelligent production planning
  • Sending orders to the Rollcutter
  • Programmable changing of knife type and knife feed speed depending on fabric type
  • Signalisation of process end or material change
  • Grouping of finished patterns
  • Optional devices can be added: Rolling Machine, Rigid Band Feeder, Centering System, Ruler, Label Scanner, Label Printer, Control Lift.

Technical data

Power supply voltage

Control voltage

Power supply

Pressure in pneumatic system

Weight of the 300x400 cm model

1~230 V/50 Hz+PE 24 V /DC 3000 W 4 bar 700 kg

Aluminium, riveted and bolted PRO


Cutting cycle

Automated in two axis with placing the fabric to a given dimension

Knife feed  Automated, two axis

4-row ball guiderail, no lateral play, lubrication after 1000 km

Cross-cutting knife Electric roller knife
Longitudinal-cutting knife 4x ultrasound knife
Fabric pressing Pneumatic
Cutting width Up to 3000 mm (price depends on size)

Length of the collection table

Up to 4000 mm (price depends on size)

Safety switches

Foot and hand operated

Optical safety barriers

Clamp will not be actuated if the barrier is broken
Start block The knife will not start if the fabric clamp is lifted
Arm stop Safety sensors on the catching arm
Knife return

The knife returns automatically once the end of the table is reached

Fabric clamp Double-sided
Pneumatic actuators Left and right side
Control panel 7” touchscreen
Fabric tensioning Automatic fabric tensioning on cones
Speed regulation Adjustable longitudinal and cross cutting speeds
Diagnostics Automated diagnostics with touch screen
Cutting list In auto mode (height and width)
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