Rollcutter Type-3

Perfect for medium and large unit production.

Reinforced construction and innovative solutions increase productivity and work comfort.


Smart cut

The whole cutting process you perform without moving from one place, adjusting the knife speed to the type and quality of fabric by intuitive interface.

SmartStart Function makes that the knife will not pull even the delicate fabric during starting and stop the movement, if unwanted object appears between pressure and table top.

Knife change-out in just one second

Rollcutter Type-3 can be equipped with two or three knifes in an auto-change mode. All you need to do is to press one button in order to adjust the knife to the match the fabric type, which makes it work faster and your production is more flexible.

Work safety

Rollcutter Type-3 has been equipped in optical clamp barriers, which ensure the work is performed in a safe way and you can focus on your work. If an undesirable object is caught between the table and the pneumatic clamp the Rollcutter will automatically stop the Production process. In addition you can also use both hand and foot operated safety switches at your disposal.

Check Type-3 in action

Additional benefits

Always straight blinds

The Rollcuter has an aluminium construction that allows for precise adjustment of the right angle (diagonal adjustment), clamp adjustment and table levelling, making roller blinds always straight and equal.

Always safe to work with

Each Rollcuter model is built with usage safety in mind. The machines are equipped in sensors that detect objects under the open clamp, emergency safety switches as well as anti-collision systems for the clamp.

Free training

The Rollcutter stands not only for a roller blind producing machine, but also for a comprehensive knowledge on the complete production process. We will train both you and your employees free of charge in order to use the production potential in an optimal way and minimize the time needed to implement changes.

Immediate support

Should you require assistance we will support you as soon as you contact our consultant.

Fast Dimension

First, you unwind the fabric on the receiving rollers and then precisely set the dimension using Measuring angle bar with digital screen or measures recessed in the table top. Our machine can be equipped in autocentering, which sets the fabrics exactly at right angle to the edge.

Clever corners

During mounting the top tube to the fabric, you can easily adjust the bumper in the corner to the needed system. You can also install rolling machine, which rolls up the blind 8 times faster comparing to manual. Secondly, Clever Corner is used to quickly stick the rigid tape to the fabric, where you slide the bottom bar. Installation of Tape Feeder will definitely help you with sticking correctly tape and accelerate the process in the same time.

Full quality control

You control quality of production from the beginning to the end. After unwinding the textile, the backlight allows you to check the quality of fabric and eliminate mistakes. Whereas, Control Lift allows you to check the correctness of rolling when the blind is ready.

Technical data

Power supply voltage

Control voltage

Power supply

Pneumatic system pressure

Weight of the 300x300cm


1~230 V/50 Hz+PE 24 V /DC 1500 W 4 bary 400 kg

Riveted and screwed, aluminium, PRO

Cutting cycle

Automatic after setting the size

Knife movement



4-row ball slide without clearance, lubrication after 1000 km

Knife blade

Electric circular

Fabric clamp


Cutting width

up to 4000 mm (price depending on size)

Delivery board length

up to 4000 mm (price depending on size)

Safety switch

Foot and hand switches

Optical safety barriers

The clamp will not set off if the barrier is on

Start block

The knife will not set off when the fabric clamp is raised

Knife return

The knife turns around automatically after cutting the fabric


Width 16 cm, greater sizes may be ordered

Fabric clamp


Pneumatic actuators

two (on the left and right side)

Control panel

Touch panel 7” (DR-HMI) or control buttons (DR-AE)

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