Cutbooster PA-2

Increase the efficiency of production thanks to automation of the cutting process

Cutbooster PA-2

Automatic measurement and serial cutting

Thanks to a pneumatic saw and a Draco gauge, the cutting process is fully automated.

In the Cutbooster PA-2 model, all you need to do is load the product, and the machine automatically feeds and cuts the material into the preset number of pieces. The Cutbooster works and you earn money.

Full control in the panel

Thanks to an intuitive interface, cutting with the Cutbooster is very simple, in both the manual and the automatic mode.

The entire cutting process can be controlled using the touch panel. The dimension and quantity can be set in a short moment. Moreover, you have access to the cutting list, the order import system, and the waste reduction system.

Waste reduction

Thanks to the CutLogic software, you can start making maximum use of your materials by optimizing the cutting order so as to minimize the quantity of waste (even down to 0.5%!). The system makes calculations for your order and then sends them to the machine. As a result, you can save both time and material.

Data transfer

The Draco Connect system makes it possible to send orders from the ERP system or from a prepared file directly to the machine via a Wi-Fi network or a USB port. You do not need to remember the number of cuts, the required length and the change of material: the system receives the order and coordinates its implementation.

Check Cutbooster PA-2 in action

Improved work organisation

Code reader

Label printer

The work on the cutting stand can be enhanced even further by using a code reader and a label printer. A code reader allows you to instantly scan a given dimension from a list, while with a label printer each element that has been cut can be instantly labeled and described.

Why Cutbooster PA-2?

  • Fully automatic cutting - "load and forget"
  • Simple, accurate, efficient, reliable
  • Saves time by working automatically; saves the materials
  • A table with a top (standard) or with rollers (option)
  • Machine dimension as required by the customer
  • A correction system in the manual mode
  • Label printer and bar code reader (option)
  • Connection to ERP systems (option)
  • A servomotor - positioning accuracy +/- 0.25 mm per 3 m
  • A playless ball guide (HIWIN)
  • CutLogic - cutting optimization (optional)

Customers about Draco

We highly recommend Draco as an reliable and trusted company for everyone who needs roller blinds machine. Lasse Pohjonen Almedahls OY, Finland

With Rollcutter we have worked for 5 years, we have made few tens of thousands cuts, machine works without any problems. Innovative solutions supporting each phase of production guarantee significant increase in performance. Sławomir Witkowski

Technical data

Setting the dimensions
Feeding of cut elements
Cutting device
An automatic saw, 400 mm, with a pneumatic clamp
Cutting of materials
Entering the dimensions
Manual using a touch panel
4-row, ball, playless, lubricated after a distance of 1,000 km
Fender stroke
300 cm
Feeding table
A 300x60 cm table with a top
Receiving table
A 300x60 cm table with a top
Feed speed
0.9 m/s
Material feeding speed
0.4 m/s
+/- 0.25 mm
Corrections of dimensions
Possibility to enter constant dimension corrections for many systems
Cutting history
Saving completed cuts in a memory
A servomotor to "maintain the dimension"
Safety switches
Control panel
A 7" touch panel
Self-diagnostics on the touch panel
A cutting list
A list containing the following columns: dimension and quantity


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