Control lift

Why our system?

The biggest advantages of Control Lift is versatility and productivity. With our system you can check all kinds of roller blinds, improve your quality through eliminating mistakes while maintaining maximum ergonomics.

What can you gain:

  • Efficient and comfortable inspection of the fabric rolling up correctness 
  • Fast and solid mounting for every system without necessary of setting up mechanism 
  • One system for controlling each kind of roller blinds without need to exchange any elements 
  • Fast taking out roller blind from the Control Lift after check 
  • Setting width, height and rolling up control at one spot without walking around stand
  • Possibility of fitting to receiving table or wall
  • Control Lift individually adjusted to your needs

Now you can control the Day&Night roller blinds

  • check double strips position in order to avoid complaints
  • cotrol your roller blinds twice: just after sticking fabric to the tube to immediately eliminate mistakes, and after installing into cassette to check the roller blinds, before customer receives it

Check Control lift in action




As addition to Control Lift we can install the MULTISYSTEM – checking roller blinds after setting up mechanism. Possibility of control each roller blinds system you use.

  • Double inspection of the fabric rolling up (before setting up and after)
  • Control of many systems without necessary of exchange the mounting system